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The attack on freedom of speech in Ukraine

One of the main Ukrainian TV channels was attacked by fascists. On September 4 group of right-wing radicals attacked the building of the TV channel “Inter” in Kiev. In their opinion the channel carries wrong information policy. While “Inter” supports the official mythology of the Kiev regime and is considering a civil war as the Russian intervention, the fascists believ that the channel is too soft on the opposite side of the conflict. This they call the “anti-Ukrainian position”.
The fascists staged a picket near the building of the channel, and then somehow got inside the office and threw firebombs. An employee of the channel describes the pogrom: “They broke, started beating people, break and destroy things. They baited us with gas, and poured gasoline everything. Bastards.” The fire damaged equipment of the channel, some employees suffered burns. Fortunately, no one died.
After the fire, channel employees moved to reserve buildings, but effort to continue normal operation failed. September 5 fascists staged a blockade of channel’s buildings. The evening of September 6, they lifted the blockade but put an ultimatum to the directors of the channel: to change the information policy for five days.
The same day, the press service of “Inter” reported that the television channel administration has submitted 10 allegations of crimes against the channel to the Prosecutor General, Ministry of Interior, Security Service and the National Police, but “there is no reaction of law enforcement officers in the allegations.” During the siege of channel’s building the police watched action on the part of the fascists and did not intervene.
Apparently, there would be no reaction on the part of Kiev regime. There is reason to believe that it stays behind the atrocities the fascists. Shortly before the raid Interior Minister publicly accused the channel in the “anti-state position” and urged the Security Service of Ukraine to “deal” with the TV channel. SSU responded with a polite refusal. It seems like the minister decided to act through the fascist gangs controlled from his side.

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