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Pressure at Ukrainian media grows up

The 112 Ukraine TV channel has been an object of authority’s pressure since last year. This is not opposition TV channel, but it carries out an independent informational policy. On September 27 its management stuff issued a statement in order to remind this difficult situation.
They say:
“The 112 Ukraine TV channel does not cease to be under pressure from the authorities, and today the depriving of the television broadcasting licenses is already considered by the court. In addition, 112 Ukraine is constantly forced to fend off attempts to manipulate the issue of its acquisition by one or other odious businessman.
As a result, the pressure on the television is no longer regarded as the pressure on freedom of speech, but as a subject of political battles. Therefore, 112 Ukraine refers cautiously to the new round of the scandal surrounding the selling of the channel, as the aim of its initiators is still unknown”.
Despite of this pressure TV channel states: “112 Ukraine is not a party to negotiations for the sale or commutation of its editorial policy with any of the country’s politicians”. Although strong pressure on 112 Ukraine TV channel led his owner to change his corporate rights. As statement wrote, he distanced from the influence on the 112 Ukraine information policies and transferred his corporate rights to the hands of management staff.
This led reactionary Ukrainian forces to another strategy: not to press to TV channel’s owner, but to buy TV channel as a whole. “Over the past two years the channel has received offers for the acquisition by many representatives of business and political forces of the country, but none of the possible variants of the transaction has been reached”, — TV managers have written.

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