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New Poll: Greeks Disappointed, Angry at Tsipras

Conservative New Democracy is 9.6% ahead of leftist SYRIZA in voting intention if elections were held today, according to a new opinion poll.

The survey was conducted by MARC research company on behalf of ALPHA television, and registers the disappointment and frustration of citizens about the economic and social crisis in Greece. Yet, it shows that the main opposition party does not reap the benefits of people’s anger at the current administration.

On intention to vote, New Democracy is ahead at 28.4%, with SYRIZA following with 18.8% of potential voters. Golden Dawn at 8% is third party, followed by the Greek Communist Party (KKE) at 7.4%. The Democration Coalition (PASOK-DIMAR) is next at 6%, Independent Greeks (ANEL) follows at 3.2% while the Centrists Union gets the same percentage. Plefsi Eleftherias is next at 2.6%, To Potami follows with 2.4%, Popular Unity is next at 1.5%, while 11.9% of participants said they are undecided or refused to answer.

Yet, Greek citizens do not seem to identify with the two party leaders who lead the race. Only 14% see their views coinciding with those of Alexis Tsipras, while 21% identify with Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Four in ten Greeks (39.5%) do not identify with any party chief.

Regarding which party would win the election, an impressive 64.9% believe that New Democracy will win the next election, while only 15.5% see a SYRIZA victory.

The conservative party seems to be very cohesive, with 81.6% of respondents who voted for the party in the last election, will vote for it again. The leftist party, though seems to be maintaining only 36.8% of the voters pool, with the remaining saying that they will vote for another party or abstain from the ballot.


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