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Kiev war crimes: summary execution for supected «separatism»

by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

In the occupied LPR territory military personnel of the 8 separate special forces regiment (Khmelnitsky, v/ch A-0553) killed a local citizen, suspecting him of “separatism,” writes Timer.
Novoaydar district court reported that the investigator of the military Prosecutor’s office etsablished the date of execution – in the period from 20th July to 31st August 2014.
Besides the special forces, military from the v/ch A-1783 participated in the murder. The man was driven by them in a “Ural” truck from the village of Pobeda in the area between Spivakovka and Popasnaya. The killers suspected that he was involved in formation of an armed unit of the LPR.
The military dug a pit, threw the resident of Donbass into it, and then decided to shoot him (the coroner found in his body more than 10 gunshot wounds).
After all this atrocity the killers buried the body. All that remains of the man was able to be found only this summer on July 23rd.


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