How the EU drives war – the Ukrainian example

by Wilhelm Langthaler

As the socio-economic arguments of the elites in favour of the Euro regime have been evaporating, left-liberalism withdraws top a defence line depicting the EU as guarantor of peace. Not only that free-trade steamrolling continues to inflict poverty on Africa and the capitalist periphery as a whole thus stoking conflicts, there is also the special case of Ukraine giving lie to the Europeanist claim.

The EU intended to force Ukraine into a neo-liberal free-trade agreement largely cutting its vital economic tries to Russia. The internal conflict over this capitulation allowed the nationalist bloc to seize state power. As the vast majority of the south-eastern population did not want to be ruled by rightist anti-Russian forces a popular rebellion developed which the Kiev regime put down by military force. In Donbass, the old Soviet industrial heartland, they, however, failed while the popular forces could take over with Russian support.

A peaceful solution could be very simple and the Minsk agreement does contain it: autonomy for Donbass. What it does not provide for is democracy for the south-east like Odessa and Charkow which would also vote against Ukrainian nationalism. But Kiev does not comply with what they signed in the aftermath of a crushing military defeat and continues to dream of a military solution. Under US pressure the EU keeps supporting its regime in Kiev thus not only driving civil war in Ukraine but also creating a dangerous confrontation with Russia. Actually the EU is using Kiev as an instrument against Moscow – the contrary of a “peace project”.


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