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EU flags waved at Last Night of the Proms in anti-Brexit protest

Concertgoers at The Last Night Of The Proms have shown their solidarity with the European Union by waving EU flags during the performance.

In the run-up to the finale of the annual classical music event, it was reported that anti-Brexit campaigners were trying to drum up support for a twist on the usual union-jack-waving opportunity by handing out the EU banner to those in attendance instead.

When the programme aired on BBC1 on Saturday evening, viewers could see the EU flag making appearances in the stalls of the Royal Albert Hall. There was even one prominently placed on the conductor’s stand which was decorated with flags from across the globe.

A crowdfunding page raised more than £1,100 to buy the flags, with the annual musical event apparently chosen as it is “televised and has a very high profile”.

An organiser wrote: “As music is such an international activity that benefits greatly from our membership of the EU, this event feels an appropriate venue to show UK solidarity with the EU.”

They added: “Concertgoers waving EU flags along with the union jack would send a message to the world and our own people about how much music lovers value the EU.”


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