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Big war coming: DPR prepares for civilians’ evacuation from firing line

In Donetsk and a number of the DPR localities in close proximity to the contact line, the city authorities massively check air-raid shelters, and also carry out works on re-equipment to shelters in houses’ cellars, told the Mayor of Donetsk Igor Martynov.

«Since the outbreak of hostilities in 2014 we have been preparing shelters for evacuation of the population. Unfortunately, in the city there are few specially equipped air-raid shelters with not enough room for everyone therefore we use any housing which can serve as a shelter. In localities, residential areas, in the streets — everywhere where it is possible, we try to organize premises for people to use. We check such places for them to be, first of all, open, and secondly — dry. Normal conditions are necessary for stay in air-raid shelters. We try to collect indoors the minimum set: candles, fire and, whenever possible, water.

For today we have prepared all the near-front air-raid shelters — especially in those houses which are located in the close proximity to the contact line. People don’t want to leave those places. They don’t move and aren’t going to do it therefore it is very important to help them. We will consider cellar which can serve as an air-raid shelter to be the one,» he reported.

The Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko reported that the AFU offensive is expected, and therefore preparation of hiding-places and alerting of air-raid shelters has begun in Donetsk Republic.

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