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USA | Pushing for an Independent Foreign Policy in the Philippines

Last September 16, hundreds of Filipino activists braved the heat and police lines in marching to the US Embassy in downtown Manila. The date is special: it marks the 25th anniversary of the Philippine Senate’s junking of an agreement that would have extended the 44-year stay of US military bases in Philippine soil.

United Nations: Global economy needs policy overhaul to move beyond sixth straight year of sluggish growth

The UNCTAD Trade and Development Report, says that economic slowdown in the advanced economies is the biggest drag on global growth, and that developing countries are now caught in the downdraft.

QuotePolicymakers all around the world face a difficult combination of sluggish investment, productivity slowdowns, stagnant trade, rising inequality and mounting levels of debt. Solutions require an ambitious rethink, not a tepid business-as-usual reaction.quote
Mukhisa Kituyi
UNCTAD Secretary-General

In many developed countries, a stringent fiscal stance and at times outright austerity have led to one of the weakest recoveries from an economic crisis on record. This has come on top of a prolonged period of slow wage growth, leading to insufficient household demand and weak spending on productive investment.

Germany | Die EU kann nicht reformiert werden! Sie muss aufgelöst werden!

by Inge Höger

 … zur Eröffnungsversammlung des Internationalen Anti-EU-Forum