Daily Archives: September 9, 2016

USA | Dispute intensifies over Gabon presidential election

The dispute over Gabon’s presidential election has intensified as opposition candidate Jean Ping is mounting a legal challenge and demanding a recount.

A lawyer for Ping, Jean Remy Bantsantsa, announced the move Thursday night.

Ping has already publicly declared himself the winner, even though election results said incumbent President Ali Bongo Ondimba won the Aug. 27 vote.

External financial fragility in Latin America and its implications

by Daniel Munevar

To talk about external financial fragilities in Latin America is to evoke the memories of the 80’s debt crisis. The stigma that remains to this day identifies high levels of external public debt as the main source of financial instability for the region. However, things have changed in a dramatic fashion over the last 3 decades.

Ukraine | Right radicals attacked the lawyer in Odessa

On September 8 the Ukrainian fascists attacked the lawyer in a court house. This day the trial on the May’s massacre had to take place. On May 2, 2014 in Odessa as a result of clashes between fascists and supporters of federalization 48 people died, the majority from were them burned down alive in the Trade Unions Building. Now there is a trial of supporters of federalization while fascists, who killed dozens of inhabitants of Odessa, are not brought to trial. On this process the victims are judged as defendants.
One of supporters of federalization the defendant Valentin Vlasenko prior to the meeting communicated with his lawyer in the court yard, three fascists approached them and began to provoke the conflict. After a verbal sparring one of radicals applied a gas spray.
As a result of an incident Vlasenko suffered – he was hospitalized, besides, the lawyer also suffered.
The Vlasenko’s lawyer regards this incident as preventing of lawyer activity, as attack happened during communication of the lawyer with the client.