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Ukraine | Witch-hunt in Ukrainian schools

A new school year begins in Ukraine at September 1, that is why this day is considered Knowledge day. Ukrainian nationalists have decided to prepare for that date on their own, and have organized a witch-hunt among teachers and university professors. They are specifically browsing the pages of teachers in social networks to identify signs of sympathy for the Soviet Union or Russia, as well as opposition to the Kiev regime’s interpretation of Ukrainian crisis in 2014-2016 years. If they find something like this, they begin a public persecution of the victim.
In recent weeks, there were already several such cases in Ukraine. Witch-hunt campaign was launched in Mariupol. There Ukrainian nationalists found 8 teachers whose views they consider “anti-Ukrainian” and demanded their dismiss. Nationalists in Kharkov took similar searches. They found 3 teachers. http://kharkovchane.ru/2016/08/16/v-gorodax-ukraina-trebuyut-uvolit-uchitelej-za-lajki-v-socsetyax/
See more details http://rusvesna.su/recent_opinions/1471475040
Nationalists in Odessa conducted similar searches too. Nationalist site «048.ua» told about the features of this technology. The monitoring object was the social network “Odnoklassniki”: “About a week we examined what our teachers write and where put the “like” in the social networks. How do we do it? – We went to the site of each school, found the name and photo of the teacher, and picked through the search human we needed”. According to them almost every school in Odessa has a teacher hostile to Ukrainian nationalism. In their article nationalists indicated information about the seven teachers. http://www.048.ua/news/1336557
In Kharkov, Odessa and Mariupol they hurried to write denunciations to the state security. How did that affect the fate of teachers, we do not know.
The campaign also spread to the universities. Journalist Sergei Ivanov shows particular activity in public denunciations on the university professors. He works on the TV channel “1 + 1”, the owner of the channel is one of the largest Ukrainian billionaires Kolomoisky. Ivanov began his inquisitorial activity in the Zaporozhye region, and recently switched to Kiev. In the Kiev Pedagogical University, he found the two sisters Inna and Irina Kovalchuk. One taught English and other trained in postgraduate school. He had caught both sympathetic to Russia. The sisters visited Moscow this summer and photographed on a background of the Kremlin and the Russian flag. As soon as the TV channel “1 + 1” told about the case, Kovalchuk sisters had been dismissed from the university. A warrant for the dismissal the university rector’s office has received personally from the Minister of Education of Ukraine Liliya Grinevich. Mrs. Grinevich said in an interview with TV channel “1 + 1”, it is necessary to dismiss such teachers on charges of committing an immoral act. https://youtu.be/hD3nom_yoRc?list=PL1neMztLSbMMZ2OSs1hl7BKBb3UcA_wD1
In Ukraine there are no laws that would prohibit teachers to express their views on the Internet. However, this ban is now set in the order of case law.

Greece | Restructuring of Europe: Greece Was the Prologue

Austerity experiments in Greece set the stage for a radical restructuring of Europe by elites.

By now, the story of Syriza’s capitulation to the European creditor institutions is well-known.

Syriza came to power in January 2015 with a mandate to resist the imposition of austerity. Instead, Syriza folded under the pressure of the troika, accepting intensified austerity measures and dashing the hopes of its supporters.

France | Brexit is burning their fingers

By Daniel Gluckstein

The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union could be postponed…to late 2019.
Revealing this news, The Sunday Times (14 August) provided three explanations.
One: Prime Minister Theresa May has committed to respecting Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which provides for two years of negotiations in order to leave the European Union.
Two: But Theresa May will not trigger Article 50 before the end of 2017. The motive: her government cannot find people to recruit who are qualified to conduct the negotiations; what is more, “they say they don’t even know the right questions to ask when they finally begin bargaining with Europe”.
Three: since 2017 will be a general election year in France and Germany, beginning negotiations beforehand could disrupt those timelines.
Let us summarise: On 23 June, the British people took a sovereign decision to leave the European Union, but they must remain prisoners of the treaties and their negotiation procedures, and of the goodwill of the European institutions and the other governments…
Not one significant sector of the British bourgeoisie really wants to start down the path of breaking with the EU. Even in crisis, the European Union remains an instrument of US finance capital’s rule over the world economy. The fact that one sector of the British capitalist class wants to renegotiate this or that aspect of its commitments is one thing, but the British bourgeoisie is not prepared to start down the path of breaking with US finance capital, and with good reason! This is why it is prevaricating. This is why its government is beating about the bush…
Brexit is burning their fingers.
Here we have verification of the comment by the Financial Times the day after the referendum, when it pointed out that it was “Britain’s most class-based vote”, by the working class.
Only the workers, the youth and working-class people have nothing to lose by leaving – quite the opposite!
One way or another, the British working class will rely on its 23 June mandate as it seeks – through its own movement – to impose the demand of leaving that was expressed in that mandate. The rail strikes that are taking place at the height of summer are the first expression of this. Undoubtedly, this issue will be at the heart of the Labour Party Conference and the TUC Congress, due to take place in September.
There is a very real need, the need to constitute a workers’ political force that will consciously take action to help achieve the exit contained in the class-based vote on 23 June.
Is the same issue not on the agenda in France?
After five months of class struggle against the El Khomri reform, the political debate cannot be reduced to knowing who will have the honour of implementing the diktats of the European Union, once elected President.
Two thousand activists of all political tendencies of the labour movement are opening up another perspective: to constitute a political force that will act openly in favour of breaking with the European Union and the Fifth Republic, and in favour of the people’s sovereignty and the election of a sovereign Constituent Assembly.