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Ukrainian antifascist writer arrested in Zaporozhe

Today in the morning Ukrainian state security arrested oppositional Ukrainian writer and blogger Miroslava Berdnik. She is also known for internet users as Varijag according to her nickname in Live journal. Berdnik condemned right-wing coup in Kiev since its first steps and dedicated herself to exposing of real nature of Ukrainian neo-Nazis. She published a lot of articles on the subject. Some of them were collected and published as a book. The book “Pawns in someone else’s game” devoted to Ukrainian Banderovits movement during World War II and was prohibited by Kiev regime.
Many friends proposed Berdnik to emigrate from Ukraine, but she refused and stayed despite of danger from right-wing hugs. She moved from Kiev were she lived and found a safe place in the city of Zaporozhe. She was arrested were accused of ‘aiding terrorism’. The woman recently had two medical operations and her life and health – in danger.
Tonight opposition media informed Berdnik was released after long term interrogation. But we can’t exclude new restrictive measures from Ukrainian secret police.

Update: as Ukrainian secret police reports Miroslava Berdnik was released but she is suspected in the crimes against Kiev regime and she is under investigation now.

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