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The Jewish communities of Ukraine condemn the Institute of national memory and oppose the glorification of the Banderovits movement

The leaders of 29 communities and public Jewish organizations of Ukraine appealed to the public because of the attempts to distort the history of the country.
«We want to express our serious concern and express no confidence in persistent attempts to distort our common history, which has recently taken by activists under the auspices of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory. This applies in particular to the irresponsible actions of the Institute and its leadership, who with the help of other organizations are trying to erase from our common history tragic pages related to the anti-Semitic activities of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and their leaders,» — the statement says.
The document stresses that as a result of anti-Semitic activities of the OUN and the UIA thousands of Ukrainian Jews were killed — and it is a proven historical fact.
According to community representatives, attempts to rewrite history, silence and denial of anti-Semitic ideology and practices of these organizations are not more than an insult to the memory of over one million Jews murdered in the Ukraine by the Nazis and local collaborators.
«This also applies to renaming streets the names of people, causing a shudder not only Jews, but also many other nations of the world. We believe inappropriate decision of the Kiev city council to rename one of the avenues the name of Stepan Bandera as well as plans to rename one of the streets in the name of Roman Shukhevych,» – it’s said in the statement.
Also Jewish communities concerned about the fact that Ukraine, despite numerous invitations to Member States and public appeals, has so far refused to become a member of the International Alliance of Holocaust memory and remains one of the few countries in Europe that do not join the alliance.


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