Syrian Army reverses rebel gains in southwest Aleppo

During yesterday’s Jaish Al Fateh offensive in southwest Aleppo, jihadist forces managed to capture Al-Amiriyah village, Al-Jamiyat, and Al-Jamiyat Hill.

Unfortunately for the opposition though, the Islamist rebels were not able to secure Tal Mahrouqat thereby placing their captured positions under the fire control of the Syrian Army’s artillery. Following a barrage of ATGM missiles and mortar shells, the Syrian Army was able to restore the lost points with relative ease.

Moments ago, Ahrar Al-Sham and several other jihadist factions announced the instigation of the third phase of their massive offensive which aims to lift the siege imposed on the rebel-held neighborhoods of east Aleppo. Ahrar Al Sham’s spokesperson stated that while the Jaish Al-Fateh operation room will be focused on capturing the artillery base, Fateh Halab on the other side of the battlefield was focused on securing the Ramouseh neighborhood.


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