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Radicals fight with police and throw smoke barrels near court building in Kiev

On August 2, the group of the Ukrainian radicals has got across the fence of the court building in Kiev where the session in the case against ex-fighters of the special disbanded squadron of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine “Tornado” was to take place, and then they pelted the policemen with smoke barrels and picked fights with them.

Tens of the fighters of “Donbass” and “Aidar” having come to support the criminal defendants, tried to come in the building. The law enforcement officers did not allow them to come in the court building as result there was a fight, reported by RIA.

There was exhausted tear-gas. The law enforcement officers sheltered themselves behind shields, there was a fire. Everyone tries to go rather far off due to the fact that there are thrown smoke barrels and there is tear-gas.




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