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France | Al-Nosra, Al-Qaeda, Fath al-Sham : qui se cachent derrière les «rebelles» syriens ?

FIGAROVOX/ANALYSE — La rupture entre le Front al-Nosra et Al-Qaeda a eu lieu la veille de l’offensive «rebelle» à Alep. Pour Fabrice Balanche, les djihadistes souhaitent ainsi entraver le récent projet de coopération militaire entre Moscou et Washington.

Cries for freedom in Kashmir as India celebrates Independence Day

Its tranquil setting is deceiving: In verdant valleys and forested hillsides against the high snow-capped Himalayas, Kashmir boils over yet again in what has become a regular cycle of protests and violence.

Srinagar, Kashmir (dpa) – Men, women and young people are taking to the streets of Kashmir every other day, defying curfew orders and attacking police and soldiers – the symbols of «Indian rule» – with stones.

Venezuela | Fidel Castro: A Latin American Legend Celebrates his 90th Birthday

Fidel was born in 1926 during a period when then-President Gerardo Machado was cutting off the traditional elite from its long-held power and defending the island’s sovereignty from the United States.

As a child, Fidel was sent to live in Santiago de Cuba, where he excelled more in sports than academia.

Manbij entirely liberated from ISIS

The city of Manbij has been entirely liberated from ISIS on the 73rd day of the Operation Martyr Commander Faysal Abu Leyla launched by Manbij Military Council.

The operation was launched by Manbij Military Council fighters back on June 1 upon the demand of locals for the liberation of their land from inhumane ISIS gangs that held the city under occupation since 2014.