Daily Archives: August 5, 2016

Syrian Army reverses rebel gains in southwest Aleppo

During yesterday’s Jaish Al Fateh offensive in southwest Aleppo, jihadist forces managed to capture Al-Amiriyah village, Al-Jamiyat, and Al-Jamiyat Hill.

Unfortunately for the opposition though, the Islamist rebels were not able to secure Tal Mahrouqat thereby placing their captured positions under the fire control of the Syrian Army’s artillery. Following a barrage of ATGM missiles and mortar shells, the Syrian Army was able to restore the lost points with relative ease.

Greece | Some thoughts on the recent events in Turkey

Brazil | After A Rough Runup, Rio Aims For An ‘Awesome’ Opening Ceremony

Two of Brazil’s greatest strengths — its dazzling culture and its flair for spectacle — will power the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics on Friday night. Organizers will unleash samba drums, singers and dancers in a show designed to thrill a global audience and silence the criticism surrounding the preparations.

To pull it off, producers had to figure out how to move thousands of athletes and hundreds of performers in and out of a stadium whose field presents a unique problem. As one official explains, “There is no entrance.”

France | Odessa va devenir Hadzhibey

La Verkhovna Rada a approuvé l’initiative de Saakachvili de renommer Odessa en Hadzhibey. Cette initiative a été soutenue par le Comité Verkhovna Rada au State Building, la politique régionale et de l’ autonomie locale
l’adjoint Verkhovna Rada Vasyl Horbal a dit que la Verkhovna Rada a soutenu l’initiative du gouverneur de la région d’ Odessa en ce qui concerne la manière dont Mikhail Saakashvili sohaite renommer Odessa.
Ce député a écrit sur sa page sur « Facebook ».
» Comme je l’ ai dit MP Serhiy Larin, la Verkhovna Rada Comité sur le renforcement de l’ Etat, la politique régionale et de l’ autonomie locale a appuyé l’initiative du gouverneur de la région d’ Odessa et leader du « Mouvement pour la purification vers le retour d’ Odessa au nom historique de Saakachvili Hadzhibey « , – dit le message.