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In Ukraine: Independence From the People

An empty pathos: Impressions from Independence Day in Kyiv

Greece | Shocking Statistics: Only 4% Unemployed Found Jobs

Eurostat data shows that those who are unemployed are unlikely to return to the job market indicating that long-term unemployment in Greece is becoming a structural problem. Eurozone statistics show that 15.4 percent of unemployed in the fourth quarter of 2015 managed to find a job in the first months of 2016 whereas the rate in Greece lagged to just 4.3 percent – the lowest in the euro area.

Argentina | ‘March of Resistance’ Gathers Thousands Against Macri’s Government

The activists returned to organizing the yearly “March of Resistance” due to constant clashes with the new government in power.

The Argentine human rights organization Mothers of Plaza de Mayo organized a 24-hour sit-in against the government of Mauricio Macri that ended on Saturday afternoon with the support of thousands in the capital city of Buenos Aires.

Bolivia opens ‘anti-imperialist’ military school to counter US foreign policies

Bolivia’s president Evo Morales has opened a new “anti-imperialist” military academy to counter US policies and military influence in Latin America.

“If the empire teaches domination of the world from its military schools, we will learn from this school to free ourselves from imperial oppression,” the country’s first indigenous president said at an inauguration ceremony on Wednesday.

At least 16 migrants dead in Moscow warehouse fire

At least 16 migrant workers mostly from Kyrgyzstan died in a fire that broke out at a Moscow warehouse early Saturday, Russian authorities said.

“When the fire was being put out, a room that had been cut off by the flames was discovered,” TASS news agency quoted the regional branch of the emergency ministry’s press service as saying.