Vlad Filat sentenced to 9 years in jail

Ex-Prime Minister of Moldova Vlad Filat got nine years in jail for influence peddling and passive corruption. The judgment was passed on June 27, after eight months of remand detention, IPN reports.

He was also fined 60,000 lei and banned from holding public posts for a five-year period. He will be deprived of all the awards conferred on him by presidential decree. A part of his property, including vehicles, a building and shares in particular companies, will be confiscated.

Both the prosecution and the defense are dissatisfied with the punishment. Adriana Betisor said they will challenge the sentence because they consider it too lenient and will insist on 19 years in jail at the Appeals Court.

Filat’s lawyer Igor Popa said the sentence is illegal and Vlad Filat should have been acquitted. He will challenge the sentence and will demand at the Appeals Court that the hearings should be public.

Vlad Filat was arrested eight months ago following a self-denouncing statement made by the mayor of Orhei Ilan Shor, who said that he offered US$250 million bribe to the ex-Premier for particular services when this was Prime Minister.


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