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Ukrainian court released journalist and anti-war activist

Ukrainian court acquitted journalist Ruslan Kotsaba. In January 2015 Kotsaba publicly opposed the civil war, condemned the policy of the Kiev regime and called on citizens to evade conscription. The authorities arrested journalist and accused him of treason.
Kotsaba case acquired great international resonance. Many European institutions have recognized him as a prisoner of conscience and condemned the actions of Ukrainian authorities. Nevertheless, Ukrainian court ruled Kotsaba’s conviction.
Kotsaba’s lawyer decided to appeal the court’s decision. The result was unexpected. Court of Appeal acquitted the journalist. Kotsaba was released in the courtroom. Against the backdrop of lawlessness that reigns in the Ukrainian courts, in an atmosphere of lawlessness in relation to opposition leaders, release of Ruslan Kotsaba looks like a pleasant exception, which only confirms the rule.

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