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The unions are outraged: IMF brought Ukrainians to poverty

July 6, All-Ukrainian protest march against the increase in gas prices and utility tariffs was organized in Ukraine. The organizer of the march was the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine. Thousands of people in major cities took to the protest. Representatives of several political parties joined for trade unions. In the Ukrainian capital Kiev the march was held under the slogan “European prices – the European salaries.” Organizers had in mind that the tariffs in Ukraine are now the same as in Western Europe, but salaries are still very low.
In Kiev, the marchers gathered outside the university and have passed through the city center to the parliament building and government. There were clashes between demonstrators and police near Government House. The demonstrators tried to block the street, but the police abruptly stopped the attempt.
According the government’s decision prices for heating, hot water and gas have nearly doubled since July 1. This decision was taken under pressure from the IMF. IMF demanded to increase prices and blackmailed Kiev with refusal to grant new loans.

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