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The protest against army in Ukraine

Late in the evening on July 4 inhabitants of the town of Dzerzhinsk staged a spontaneous protest against the move on the streets of the town of military equipment and soldiers of the Ukrainian army. Residents were outraged that the military decided to equip its base in the town center – close to residential buildings and kindergartens. Local residents blocked the road and demanded that the military have equipped their base outside the city. According to official data, about one hundred people participated in the protest. Commanders called the police, who arrested several protesters. Subsequently, however, the militaries abandoned their original intentions and left the base in the town center. Over the last year it is the first time that Donbas civilians protest against the army, which was sent were from Kiev.
The town of Dzerzhinsk is in the Donetsk region. As part of the anti-communist campaign Kiev regime temporarily renamed it Toretsk.

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