Syrian Army continues advance in Aleppo neighborhoods

The Syrian Army mainly comprised of the elite Republican Guard and the 4th Mechanized Division made a major advance in the region lying between Khaldiyye and Layramoun neighborhoods seizing control of several building blocks and factories in the process.

A Syrian military source confirmed that the Syrian Army expanded its control in the vicinity of the Castillo capturing Mahlajat Al Tabagh, Colonies building blocks, Mahlajat Al Thawrah, and a number of factories and economic facilities in the Khaldiyye region of Aleppo city.


Moreover, the Syrian Army was able to secure a tunnel 150 meters in length stretching between Shabib building and Golden City filled with very volatile C4 explosives ready to be detonated at any time.

The Syrian Army is now continuing the advance in the Layramoun-Khaldiyye axes approaching the Bani Zaid neighborhood, from which jihadists have launched tens of thousands of mortar shells, gas canisters, and other projectiles killing over 9,000 civilians and injuring 60,000.

On a related note, 43 civilians and over 250 were injured yesterday as a result of relentless rebel shelling of the heavily-populated government-held Aleppo neighborhoods.

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