Syrian Army captures important district in Aleppo City

The Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Mechanized Division is now in full control of the Bani Za’id District of Aleppo City after the jihadist rebels from Fatah Halab abandoned their positions on Wednesday evening.

Unlike the Al-Layramoun District, Fatah Halab could not maintain their ground in Bani Za’id for very long because they no longer possessed the high ground and they were at the mercy of the Syrian Arab Army’s guided missiles.

In fact, if the jihadist rebels had not strategically pulled out of the district, they would have suffered a significant number of casualties.

However, the loss of the Bani Za’id District is one of the biggest defeats the jihadist rebels have suffered this year; and its aftermath will likely be felt in the coming days, as the Syrian Armed Forces push further east towards Bustan Al-Basha.

Making matters worse for the jihadist rebels, the Syrian Armed Forces are reportedly storming the Dahret ‘Abdrubbah area of Aleppo City, which is located on the doorsteps of the Bani Za’id District.

With no reinforcements and limited provisions, the situation for the jihadist rebels has become dire and hopeless.

aleppo-battle-map (1)

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