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Right-wing gangsters: the summer aggravation

During July several high-profile robberies have been happened on the territory controlled by Kiev in Ukraine. Participants of robberies were employees of the repressive apparatus and their assistants from the fascist gangs.

July 15 employees of regiment “Azov” (Ministry of Interior) attacked a vehicle collectors of Bank “Oschadbank” in the Zaporozhye region. During the attack some bandits were killed. Three were wounded and fell into police hands. They reported that they are from “Azov”. The regiment “Azov” formed on the basis of radical right-wing organization “Patriot of Ukraine”, known for its Nazi views.
July 21 unknown persons attacked vehicle collectors of Bank “Privatbank” in the area of Kupyansk (Kharkov region) and took about 100 thousand dollars. The following day, a part of the attackers were arrested, among them was a lieutenant colonel of the Ukrainian Security Service. After the coup in February 2014 that the secret police was equipped with a variety of right-wing radicals.
July 26 three members of the “Right Sector” fascist organization were arrested in the city of Nikolayev. They committed robberies on taxi drivers, took their cars and sold on the black market.
Perhaps this aggravation has happened due to the deteriorating economic situation in Ukraine and long-term nature of trench warfare in the Donbas. In 2014-2015 Ukrainian fascists actively looted property of refugees in the frontal zone. As the front one and a half year remains unchanged, the profit sources have dried up. But the fascists are accustomed to easy money, and now robbing the heartland.

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