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Protesters in new York demand to stop NATO expansion

The protesters in new York demanded from the USA to slow down the aggressive tone and become an extension of NATO. The action in times square took place in that time, continues in Warsaw summit of the Alliance, and was attended by about two hundred people.

“The summit aimed at enhancing NATO, and we do not believe that the Alliance must expand”, — told RIA Novosti one of the leaders of the American United national antiwar coalition Joe Lombardo.

A new large-scale war games Alliance activists see a real threat to Russia, which I think is very dangerous, noting the current military potential of the country. “We want the US and NATO has reduced the threat of Russia. We believe that NATO makes no sense, because the organization was initially created to confront the Soviet Union, which no longer exists. And after the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO and even increased its size,” notes Lombardo.

The representative of the anti-war group international action center Sarah Flounders noticed that in Warsaw, President Obama said that violence has no justification. “Violence comes from the Pentagon from the wars that follow one another, from the devastation in Iraq, lies about Syria,” she said, speaking at the rally. She stated the need to put an end to military campaigns of the USA in other countries to stop the violence in America.

 “No NATO, no to war, Yes to peace, no to NATO”, “Money for jobs, not to NATO” “No to racism and violence” — with such posters they came on a peaceful protest.Some of the participants also spoke about the inadmissibility of the country to spend money for military purposes.

“If you’re talking about war abroad, war will always come home,” said Lombardo in his speech.

Similar demonstrations will also take place during the weekend in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Vancouver.

In the first day of the NATO summit in Warsaw, the participants adopted decisions to strengthen the Eastern flank and strengthen the defense of Europe — members of the Alliance agreed to deploy four battalions in the Baltic States and Poland, the launch of European missile defense system, multinational presence in the black sea region. However, they stressed the need for further dialogue with Russia to relieve tension.


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