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Poland marks anniversary of liberation from Nazi invaders

On July 22 in the city of Bydgoszcz events were hosted dedicated to the beginning of the liberation of Poland by the Soviet Army and the Polish Army from the Nazi invaders. International conference dedicated to this event, was prepared and conducted jointly by the Polish left. They were representatives of the Social Forum, the Polish communists and socialists.
Reports of the participants of the conference were devoted to both historical and contemporary themes. Along with a detailed analysis of the Manifesto of the Polish Committee of National Liberation, in which the course has been announced for the complete liberation of Poland from the Nazi invaders and planned program of post-war reforms, speakers also discussed the current socio-economic situation of Poland. With special attention were heard speeches of Jerzy Kolomiets (Polish Socialist Party), Krzysztof Szwei (Communist Party of Poland), Peter Ikonovich (Movement of Social Justice) and Ewa Groszewska (Social Forum of Central and Eastern Europe) and guests from abroad Danielle Bleitrach (French Communist party) and Sergei Gornov (Odessa).
A separate topic of the conference was the threat of militarization of Europe and the growth of radical nationalism and fascism in the East of the European continent, in particular in Ukraine.
After the conference there was a meeting at the central square near the monument to the victims of the Nazi occupation. Rally participants laid flowers at the monument. However, the youth group of the extreme nationalist organizations tried to prevent the laying of flowers. However, the young nationalists shouted and then quite quickly turned their propaganda and departed.


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