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‘New visions’ for Ukraine by a pro-Maidan leftist of the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation

By Susann Witt-Stahl, published in German in Junge Welt, June 25, 2016, translation to English by New Cold War.org

The project-coordinator of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Ukraine advocates a “real revolution” against communism.

Nelia Vakhovska is a journalist, translator and has for several years worked in Kyiv for the German-based Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. The 36-year-old Ukrainian is close to the small group ‘Left Opposition’ [of Trotskyist origin]. She is a supporter of the Euromaidan (which she calls “a real revolution”) and of the search for “new visions”.

“The right-wing in Ukraine presents no real danger to the basically liberal government in Kyiv,” she told a roundtable discussion organized by the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation (RLS) in Berlin in March 2014. She was describing the first government cabinet of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, which as we know was made up exclusively of the civil and extreme right-wing, including the Svoboda Party.

Vakhovska does not deny the right-wing violence taking place in Ukraine, but she produces her own interpretation, celebrating the Banderites and other fascist movements in the Ukraine. “The followers of [Stepan] Bandera are prompted by Putin’s propaganda,” says Vakhovska. Her thesis should warm the hearts of all the anti-Russian hardliners in the left parliamentary partnership between the Green Party and the SPD (social-democrats) in Germany. But any socialist should be horrified over her words. Apparently, Vakhovska overlooks the hundreds of uniforms and flags bearing symbols of Bandera’s WW2-era Ukrainian Partisan Army which were present during the Maidan protests as well as the five-meter-high portrait of the old-new national hero near the big stage in Maidan Square in central Kyiv.

Vakhovska also expresses quite specific views when it comes to the history of Ukraine as a former Soviet Republic. “The concept of the left is, of course, discredited, due to our Soviet past and to our post-colonial situation today,” she says. This view was not challenged at the Berlin event. There was no “counterview” at that event. The RLS fails to include anti-imperialist and other Marxist left views that would provide a plurality of opinion in its pages and at its events.

There are no nuances when Vakhovska makes her conclusions on the Ukrainian Communists who participated in the Anti-Maidan movement and whose activists have been forced into into exile by the new rulers. These communists had to flee or were imprisoned. The violent clashes between Euromaidan supporters and their opponents (including the Marxist organization Borotba) in Kharkiv and Odessa created a “point of no return”. But Vakhovska in her contributions to RLF blames not the fascists, who burned down the Trade Union House in Odessa on May 2, 2014, murdering 48 people, including a member of Borotba. On the contrary, Vakhovska presents a counter-explanation by the “new left” of events, along with a partner of the RLF, the Visual Culture Research Center. They call for shunning Borotba because it allegedly “supports the authoritarian Soviet past”. But Vakhovska doesn’t mention that together with her magazine Prostory, he is involved with the campaign against the Marxists.

The Rosa Luxembourg Foundation and its alliance with Ukrainian leftists supporting a pro-NATO course against Russia

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