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NATO to increase support of Ukraine – “complex aid package” for Kiev approved

NATO will provide Ukraine and Georgia with bigger support and keeps commitment to an open door policy. It is stated in the declaration of the Warsaw summit on transatlantic safety.

“We believe in complete, free and peaceful Europe. NATO will provide big support to Ukraine and Georgia, and will continue rendering assistance to the Republic of Moldova as well. We will deepen our interaction with partners in the regions of the Black and Baltic seas, and also on the Western Balkans. We will also support the important operation in Kosovo,” says the text of the declaration.

It is also specified that the Alliance “keeps commitment to NATO’s open door policy which had strengthened the union and promoted the Euro-Atlantic security.”

Besides, the leaders of NATO approved the so-called Complex aid package to Ukraine today.

“Despite the challenges of the continuing conflict, Ukraine undertook obligations of large reforms and efforts on fight against corruption. Realization of these reforms is important. NATO helps by advice and targeted support. So that the Ukrainian institutions in the field of defence and security were more effective, successful and accountable. It is the purpose of the Complex aid package which we approved today,” said Jens Stoltenberg.

According to him, the trust funds established at the previous summit of NATO “already help Ukraine in such spheres as cybersecurity, material support and rehabilitation of the wounded military.”

“From now forward we will be working in other fields. For example, to resist to threats of improvised explosive devices and hybrid war,” added the NATO Secretary General.”

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