Elderberry bush against common US-Ukrainian position: MH 17 inquiry

A new project has been launched on YouTube. It is devoted to the Malaysian Boeing MH-17 crash in Donbas, Eastern Ukraine. This catastrophe took 300 lives in July 17. Western and Ukrainian media accused Russia and Donbas rebels in this crime, although there is no clear evidence of their guilt till now. From their sides Donbas rebels and Russia published various facts which prove Ukraine’s army guilt, but Western media continue to ignore them.
The new project aims “to take this case out of politics and conspiracy to the field of fact and deductive method”.

Whose, who accuse Donetsk rebels and Russia, often demonstrate video from Zugres town, there we can see as “Buk” system was transported. As Dutch experts have found Boeing was more likely destroyed from this type of missile.

Correspondents have found the flat where episode with transported “Buk” was filmed. The flat owner continues to live there. He told two important things. First of all he filmed “Buk” not on July 18, as it was written in the video date, but on July 5, i.e. twelve days before Boeing catastrophe. That time Zugres was under Kiev’s control. The next day Zugres was taken under control of Donbas militia. The man supposes Ukrainian army transported this “Buk” to take it out of rebels’ control. He also told that had put the video on the internet only in the social network VKontakte and never put it on YouTube. It means somebody has taken his video, changed its date and put it on YouTube after catastrophe. In fact such falsified video can prove nothing.


The second and third episode is also connected to correct date of video. We can see as a “Buk” system was transported by the road near Makeyevka city. The investigators from this project have seen Elderberry bush with numerous flowers on video. The third video of “Buk” transporting was filmed from elderberry bushes with young green leaves. The experts naturally asked scientists what time do elderberry bushes flower and what time do they have bright green colour? Both features are not typical for July. One can not control nature: elderberry bush in Donbas region stops bloom in the middle of June, and its leaves loose bright green colour and darken before the end of the same month. Sow, both videos can’t be filmed in the days of catastrophe.

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