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UK | Theresa May confirms she is prepared to kill 100,000 men, women and children in a nuclear strike

Britain’s new Prime Minister tonight confirmed she was ready to annihilate millions of people in a nuclear strike.

Theresa May vowed to pull the trigger and launch the UK’s Trident missiles against an enemy if it came to it – as Labour continued to tear itself apart over renewing the country’s ultimate weapon.

Israel | Turkey Coup Attempt: Is It Legitimate to Promote Democracy Through Undemocratic Means?

by Gideon Levy

The stormy events in Turkey raise the question of whether anything is permissible in the name of democracy.

The Turks, of all nations, and their army, of all armies, posed a challenge to the democratic world over the weekend: Is it legitimate to topple quasi-democratic regimes or ones that pose a danger to democracy through undemocratic means? Should any kind of government be sanctioned, even one that was democratically elected but that severely and persistently harms democracy and violates human rights? Is it permissible to bring down such a dangerous government only at the ballot box, even though one knows the road to it is paved with brainwashing, ignorance and sometimes corruption?

UK | The Guardian view on Turkey: beware an elected dictatorship


A brutal and indiscriminate reaction to the failed coup would threaten the values that defeated it

The failed coup in Turkey might have been worse news. It might have succeeded. A military dictatorship is one of the worst forms of government known. But an elected dictatorship is not much less bad and the danger is now clear that Turkey is lurching towards such a state. The arrests of 6,000 people, and the sacking of 2,700 judges, are very bad signs coming from a regime which has already done its best to intimidate civil society through the harassment and persecution of journalists. A purge of the armed forces is inevitable in the wake of a failed military coup, but it was not judges who rose up against the elected government. The attack on the judiciary is especially worrying in the light of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s contempt for human rights and the rule of law.