Daily Archives: July 13, 2016

Russia | Has Russia changed its attitude to immigrants from Ukraine?

It is well known thousands people in Ukraine became refugees as a result of civil war. Some of them escaped from the zones of military conflict, some of them left Ukraine after political persecution. Most of them immigrated to Russia. This country has been seen as safe place for those who oppose Kiev regime. But last month new features appeared in Russian state authority conduct.
On July 4 Russian court has sent opposition Ukrainian journalist directly to Ukrainian state security hands. Andrey Borodavka, a journalist from Kharkov, left Ukraine in December 2014. On July 2 Moscow arbitration court found that he violated the rules of stay in the territory of the Russia and must be deported to Ukraine.
Borodavka has foreseen that he’d be arrested and asked the court to allow him to leave Russia by choice – in particular, he had planned to go to Donbas. However, the court found that he should be deported is in the Kharkov region. Numerous evidence that he is persecuted in Ukraine were ignored. But he was right. Shortly after the deportation, the evening of July 4 Borodavka was arrested by the SBU.
Another shocking story starts on June 29. On this day at the Domodedovo airport, Anton Larkin he was arrested. He took part in defense of Slavyansk in 2014 and later immigrated and legalized in Russia. The Ukrainian government says Larkin is criminal, and at the request of Ukrainian bureau of Interpol he wanted in Russia. Although the entire Russia admired defense of Slavyansk in 2014, in the year of 2016 the court did not pay any attention to it and decided: to keep Anton Larkin in custody to ensure the possibility of granting him to Ukraine. The decision on measures of restraint states: “There are no available obstacles to the extradition of a citizen of Ukraine Anton Larkin to law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.” Meanwhile, Larkin faces a long prison term. His extradition could set a dangerous precedent. If he will repeat the fate of the journalist Borodavka, it means that Russia has begun to cooperate with the Kiev regime and help him in the fight with the enemies.

Ukraine | The protest against army in Ukraine

Late in the evening on July 4 inhabitants of the town of Dzerzhinsk staged a spontaneous protest against the move on the streets of the town of military equipment and soldiers of the Ukrainian army. Residents were outraged that the military decided to equip its base in the town center – close to residential buildings and kindergartens. Local residents blocked the road and demanded that the military have equipped their base outside the city. According to official data, about one hundred people participated in the protest. Commanders called the police, who arrested several protesters. Subsequently, however, the militaries abandoned their original intentions and left the base in the town center. Over the last year it is the first time that Donbas civilians protest against the army, which was sent were from Kiev.
The town of Dzerzhinsk is in the Donetsk region. As part of the anti-communist campaign Kiev regime temporarily renamed it Toretsk.

Ukraine | The unions are outraged: IMF brought Ukrainians to poverty

July 6, All-Ukrainian protest march against the increase in gas prices and utility tariffs was organized in Ukraine. The organizer of the march was the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine. Thousands of people in major cities took to the protest. Representatives of several political parties joined for trade unions. In the Ukrainian capital Kiev the march was held under the slogan “European prices – the European salaries.” Organizers had in mind that the tariffs in Ukraine are now the same as in Western Europe, but salaries are still very low.
In Kiev, the marchers gathered outside the university and have passed through the city center to the parliament building and government. There were clashes between demonstrators and police near Government House. The demonstrators tried to block the street, but the police abruptly stopped the attempt.
According the government’s decision prices for heating, hot water and gas have nearly doubled since July 1. This decision was taken under pressure from the IMF. IMF demanded to increase prices and blackmailed Kiev with refusal to grant new loans.