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Ukraine | Ukraine and Poland have agreed on the supply of arms

The defense ministers of Poland and Ukraine have signed a protocol on the supply of weapons, military equipment and services to the military-technical cooperation.
The defense ministers of the two countries signed an agreement during the NATO summit in Warsaw.
The Protocol provides the establishment of the Working Group on military-technical cooperation.
The Ukrainian Embassy in Poland clarified that the signed protocol concerns the issues of delivery of weapons, military equipment and services to the military-technical cooperation.
Thus, Poland will be able to supply the weapons to Kiev regime, and it will be able to use it in a civil war against the people of Ukraine. If necessary, other NATO member countries could supply arms according to this scheme.

USA | Protesters in new York demand to stop NATO expansion

The protesters in new York demanded from the USA to slow down the aggressive tone and become an extension of NATO. The action in times square took place in that time, continues in Warsaw summit of the Alliance, and was attended by about two hundred people.

USA | Report From Anti-NATO Confab in Warsaw

By Dave Webb

Today in Warsaw, Poland was the first day of the No to War, No to NATO conference and demonstration to protest the NATO Summit being held here and suggest alternatives to militarism. I am here as a Global Network representative on the organising committee. Warsaw is a beautiful city which has been restored after being totally destroyed by Nazi troops during the Warsaw Uprising in August 1944. A post-war five-year reconstruction campaign by Warsaw citizens restored the churches, palaces and market-place of the Old Town. I walked through there with Pascal, Amela and Juliana – three great friends who are part of the impressive team from Berlin helping to organise the conference.


La défense de la souveraineté nationale, comme sa critique, donne lieu à de graves malentendus dès lors qu’on la détache du contenu social de classe de la stratégie dans laquelle elle s’inscrit.

Le bloc social dirigeant dans les sociétés capitalistes conçoit toujours la souveraineté comme un instrument nécessaire pour la promotion de ses propres intérêts fondés à la fois sur l’exploitation capitaliste du travail et la consolidation de ses positions internationales.