Daily Archives: July 7, 2016

Germany | ‘New visions’ for Ukraine by a pro-Maidan leftist of the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation

By Susann Witt-Stahl, published in German in Junge Welt, June 25, 2016, translation to English by New Cold War.org

The project-coordinator of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Ukraine advocates a “real revolution” against communism.

USA | Hillary Clinton’s Wanton Disregard for US Laws and National Security

There is a new poster child for the U.S. government’s double standard in dealing with violations of public policy and public trust—former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who will receive no punishment for her wanton disregard of U.S. laws and national security.  Clinton merely received a blistering rebuke from FBI director James Comey, who charged her with “extremely careless” behavior in using multiple private email servers to send and received classified information as well as using her personal cellphone in dealing with sensitive materials while traveling outside the United States.  Some of these communications referred to CIA operatives, which is a violation of a 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act to protect those individuals working overseas under cover.

Russia | Investigate claims of Ukrainian torture & repression, Duma lawmakers tell international groups

Russian lower house MPs, together with human rights officials, have called on international organizations to investigate alleged political repression, torture and summary punishment used by the current authorities in Ukraine.