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US getting increasingly aggressive towards Russia: Analyst

Phil Wilayto, a political analyst, says the media need to raise more awareness about Washington’s rising aggressive action towards Russia.

The United States has become more aggressive towards Russia and is taking extremely dangerous measures to prove the “superiority” of its military forces, says an analyst in Richmond, Virginia.

Phil Wilayto, an author and editor of the Virginia Defender, made the comments over Washington’s move in launching airstrikes against Daesh (ISIL) terrorists from an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea.

The strikes were launched on Friday from the USS Harry Truman, marking the first time since 2003 that such attacks were being conducted from an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean on targets located in the Middle East.

A senior US Navy official told the media that the airstrikes demonstrated the warship’s ability to carry out sustained missions even when moving from one region to another.

Wilayto said the move by Washington is “dangerous” and amounts to a “demonstration of power” to Russia by the US.

It shows “the ability of the US to collaborate with its allies and project serious military force wherever it wants to by means of the aircraft carriers,” he told Press TV on Friday.

The analyst said the move has far less to do with the fight against Daesh and is rather intended to show Washington’s “superior” military.

NATO’s military buildup on its eastern frontier with Russia was more proof that the US was “creating a situation that is forcing Russia to take defensive measures on its own soils which are then characterized as aggressive acts on the part of Russia,” the analyst argued.

The US and its allies are set to hold two major military drills in the Baltic, namely the annual Baltic Operations (BALTOPS) involving 6,100 forces (June 3-19) and NATO’s Saber Strike drills that will be held with 10,000 troops (May 30- June 22).

Russia does not favorably look upon the increased presence of NATO troops close to its borders and has pledged to respond accordingly to any threats posed by the alliance.

Wilayto said the media need to raise more awareness about Washington’s “aggressive action” towards Russia, a major issue that is missing from the US presidential debates.


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