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Ukrainian security services foiled Congress of direct democracy supporters

Three years ago a movement of people’s enterprises started in Ukraine. Its members are based on the norm of the Constitution of Ukraine, according to which the people can exercise their power directly. They register territorial communities and create national enterprises. These enterprises do not pay taxes and do not have anything to do with the state. Members of the movement are on a voluntary basis and do not receive any payment for their work.
Center of the new movement was the city of Khmelnitsky. It brought together more than a thousand people. Approximately the same number united in the territorial communities in Ternopil and Lviv. According to the leaders of the movement in the spring of 2016 in Ukraine were registered 1850 people’s entrepreneurs, 375 people’s enterprises, 15 people’s civic organizations, 9 people’s charitable organizations, 3 people’s corporations, 5 people’s consortia, 12 people’s consortia of companies, 8 people’s cooperatives, 3 people’s educational institutions and schools, 3 people’s center of creativity and art.
For moral reasons, members of the movement refuse to from the simple resale of goods, production of alcohol, tobacco and weapons. Movement is beyond religion and beyond politics, though the idea of a stateless society organization brings these people with the anarchists.
They planned scientific and practical conference titled «immediate self-management and direct democracy in Ukraine», there were delegates coming from across the country for June 4. However, the conference was disrupted by Ukrainian special services.
Since 24 May, leaders of the movement were subjected to searches. Their documents were seized. Intelligence agencies sued under the assignment of official authority from individuals. Tax police claims that the company will make all the people to pay taxes to the state. So the Ukrainian state once again suppressed the progressive community initiatives.

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