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Ukrainian Army failed to capture a piece of territory in Donbas

On June 29 Ukrainian army suddenly attacked territory of two people’s republics in Donbas. It was large-scale offensive started in the morning unexpectedly for armed forces of Lugansk and Donetsk republics. At the frontline between Svetlodarsk and Debaltsevo ceasefire was not violated for a long time and that is why morning offensive was not foreseen by Donbas military command.

It were “Right sector” soldiers, who began the attack, later the soldiers of the government’s 54th Mechanized Brigade joined the fight. During the attack they managed to break through the defense forces of the Donbas republics and move into territory they control at a distance of three to five kilometers (according to various sources). Developing the offensive, government forces came to the village Sanzharovka and seize the high ground in front Logvinova.
However, the troops of the unrecognized republics quickly recovered from the shock. Intense fighting ensued, which lasted more than 10 hours. During the fighting, the forces of the Donetsk republic became able to localize the breakthrough, to seize the initiative and fight off a part of the captured heights. In the area of fighting significant reinforcements were deployed hastily, including parts which have the reputation of the elite in the Donetsk army, as well as extra artillery, but at the time of their arrival the battle was already over. Soldiers of the government troops were ordered to withdraw to their original positions behind the line of demarcation, and the Donetsk republic’s armed forces were ordered not to hinder them.
Both sides suffered heavy losses in manpower and technology. Currently aware of at least two people dead and one captive among government soldiers, as well as at least one who died from the Donetsk republic side, but the information is unlikely to be definitive.
Noticeable, Ukrainian journalists have firstly argued that the armed forces of the Donbas republics provoked the attack, and when the attack was repulsed, began to deny the fact of violation of the truce.


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