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Terrorist attack at hospital in Donetsk

On June 24 unidentified supporters of Kiev regime organized terrorist attack in the capital of Donetsk republic. In the morning they exploded directional makeshift adaptation on the territory of traumatology center in Donetsk.
Fortunately, nobody from hospital staff and patients was injured. As investigation proved terrorists made mistake in makeshift adaptation and it prevented any kind of injury.
‘According to the preliminary information, the explosion took place as a result of the directional makeshift adaptation. The explosion unit was put near the building of a dead-house,’ pointed out the members of the investigation team of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who are working on the scene.
Earlier the administration of the medical institution informed that there had been damaged up to seven private cars of the medical personnel and the building of the dead-house. There were mainly damaged windows.
Later it became known that terrorists aimed in officer of republican army A.Pavlov. He is a popular hero of the war and widely known for people under his nick Motorola. That time he was at the territory of the hospital and supposed to walk not far from the place there directional makeshift adaptation exploded.
It is typical for Ukrainian terrorists pursuing their aims not to take in account lives of medicals and any civilians.


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