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Russian communist was kidnapped in Ukraine

A communist and antifascist Andrey Sokolov was arrested in Ukraine two years ago. He came from Russia to support Donbas rebels and occasionally missed the way and came to Kiev controlled area. He was arrested there and accused of terrorism. Sokolov has spent two years and seven months in prison, waiting for court’s judge. Finally the court of Berdiyansk adopted decision, that he has no guilt and released Sokolov. But the man was immediately kidnapped after he left the court.
Ukrainian secret service couldn’t prove his guilt within more than two years of hearings but didn’t want to free him. That is why he was kidnapped by a paramilitary squad. This is usual practice in Ukraine now. If repressive organs can’t realize their plans in legal form they relay on fascist gangs and reach the same result in illegal way. Probably Sokolov is detained in one of several secret prisons, which became the subject of loud scandal after the recent UN report. He is out of any law system now and his life is in danger.

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  1. On June 15 I wrote to Prime Minister Trudeau and NDP leader Tom Mulcair for immediate action on this via 2 local MPs (Liberal and NDP). I checked today and they never forwarded the messages. I suppose now they are paying some attention. I’ll check again on Monday.

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