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Rapid deterioration in Donbas region

Last week of May was marked with rapid military deterioration in Donbas.
On May 26 the Ukrainian troops had launched 56 mortar shells at the outskirts of Donetsk, Dokuchaevsk, Yasinovataya and Sahanka.
They shelled a town of Dokuchaevsk with heavy mortars, which resulted in a house and a motor company damaged. The shelling was carried out with 120mm mortars, the regional media said. Later, it was also found out that the shelling from positions of the Ukrainian military had damaged a pipeline in Dokuchaevsk.
In addition, a civilian girl born in 1991 got a shrapnel wound to the lower leg.
The same day Ukrainian militaries shelled village Zaytsevo near Gorlovka. A residential private house was burned as a result of the shelling.
Serious military clash has broken out 12 a.m. near Avdeyevka. According to the Defense Ministry of Donetsk republic, the enemy was shelling from its positions in the area of Avdeyevka, the locality of Zhovanka and the ventilation shaft of the Makeyevka mine “Butovskaya”. The Ukrainian military tried to bypass the DPR positions around the Yasinovataya check-point from one side and to come to the Yasinovataya crossroad from another side. The attack was repelled. There died six Ukrainian military and two DPR defenders.
On May 28 the territory under Donetsk republic’s control was shelled from Kiev’s controlled side two hundred thirty-seven times, as Donetsk officials reported. The next day the Ukrainian military shelled the territory of the Donetsk republic 475 times, reported on Monday the Vice-Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry operative command Donetsk Eduard Basurin and pointed out that ‘our intelligence intercepted orders of the command of the 16th separate motorised infantry battalion of the 58th separate motorised infantry brigade on preparation and application of the ‘Grad’ multiple launch rocket systems, and also large-caliber mortars against the territory of the DPR’.
On May 31 a group of US journalists was shelled from Ukrainian side. TV-group from the US mainstream media, PBS News, visited Zaitsevo village in Gorlovka on late Monday. There was documented the use of the white phosphorus shells by Ukrainian army, soldiers of Donetsk army were interviewed. The traces of phosphorus can be easily seen in the location of shell explosions. The use of white phosphorus shells against the civilian populated area is a violation of the international law. When the American journalists visited the Frontline positions on the outskirts of the village, the Ukrainian troops opened shelling and heavy firing with light weapons towards Donbas defense lines.
Zaitsevo has been under daily shelling from Kiev’s side although it has about 2000 civilian residents. They have been living without electricity and gas supplies for four months now.

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