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Venezuela | Massive Turnout in Mexico March to Protest Oaxaca Massacre

26 June 2016

Lopez Obrador called on people to protest the “political mafia” and “hypocritical conservatives” in the country.

More than 4,000 police officers have been deployed in central Mexico City as thousands of protesters have started to gather at the emblematic Independence Angel monument, to show support for striking teachers and to protest the government’s violent response which led to the deaths of 12 people.

Ukrainian journalist liberated

On June 14 opposition Ukrainian journalist Elena Glishchinskaya was unexpectedly liberated from jail. She supported rights of national minorities in multinational Odessa region and it was enough for Kiev’s authorities to accuse her of separatism.
On June 14 Glishchinskaya was changed together with other journalist for to Ukrainian citizens condemned for various reasons in Russia. It was very strange exchange, because all people were citizens of Ukraine, nevertheless Kiev regime sent two of Ukrainian citizens to Russia. It was mentioned repeatedly current Ukrainian regime divided its population for loyal and disloyal group and have no interest for the fate of the second one. This segregate approach was the main reason for arrests of Glishchinskaya – she was disloyal and that is why Ukrainian state security saw itself free of any human right obligation towards the journalist. When its was found that Glishchinskaya is pregnant, state security specially made conditions for her worse in order to press at the journalist and force her to plead guilty. It looked like the only way for state security to obtain conviction in the court because of lack evidence of real separatist crime.
But in the same this segregate approach to loyal and disloyal citizens led Glishchinskaya to liberation. In any other case it wouldn’t be imagine the situation when Kiev’s government changes Ukrainian citizens for Ukrainian citizens.

How the South paid for the Northern crises and for its own subjugation

by Eric Toussaint

The debt crises in the periphery and the crises of the central capitalist countries are joint means to subordinate States to their creditors’ will. From Latin America to China, Greece, Tunisia, Egypt and the Ottoman Empire, the ruling classes have used debt as a weapon of domination and wealth accumulation. This study introduces a new series of six articles analysing “Debt: the subordination of Latin America”, following up the series of four recently published articles: “Newly Independent Greece had an Odious Debt round her Neck”, “Greece: continued debt slavery from the late 19th century to the Second World War”, “Debt as an instrument of the colonial conquest of Egypt” and “Debt: how France appropriated Tunisia”.