Daily Archives: June 23, 2016

France | Hommage aux martyrs antifascistes d’Odessa

Nous étions plus d’une quarantaine de militants pour rendre hommage aux martyrs antifascistes d’Odessa. Cette tragédie que beaucoup ignorent ne doit pas être oubliée ni rester impunie.La lutte antifasciste est internationale et la solidarité est notre arme pour empêcher la répétition de ces actes criminels en Europe et dans le monde entier.

USA | Obama and Clinton Are Complicit in Creating ISIS

The origins of Daesh, known commonly as the Islamic State or ISIS, tie back directly to Obama and Clinton policy delusions and half measures of the Iraq and Syria conflicts.

With the recent release of an August 2012 classified intelligence memo to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton detailing the presence of the organization that became ISIS among the Syrian oppositional forces supported by the West, it’s important to remember the history of exactly how the Islamic State arose from the ashes of a failed Obama/Clinton foreign policy.

Colonial Capitalism and Puerto Rico’s Odious Debt

The Puerto Rican government should confront colonialism head on and demand true negotiations rather than obey Washington’s dictates on debt repayment.

The Natural Resources Committee of the United States House of Representatives gave the green light on May 25 for the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA) to be considered by the House in full.