Daily Archives: June 21, 2016

Mexico: brutal repression of teachers movement kills 6

On June 19, Mexican police intervened to clear a road blockade in the town of Nochixtlan. The brutal repression left 6 people dead and dozens of others injured, at least 21 were arrested. The blockade had been organised by teachers with the support of the local communities in order to prevent Federal Police from reaching the capital of Oaxaca where striking teachers have organised an encampment.

USA | US democracy moves towards Third world standards

Some weaks ago US media published leaked docs. They prove somebody pays for fighting against Trump’s supporters.

“Leaked Docs Show Ads Offering $15/hr plus Travel to fight Trump Supporters

What comes after the EU?

Some groups of European left and democratic forces opposing EU and its politics decided to meet in Siena, Italy on September 2016.

The betrayal of its self-proclaimed principles of justice, fraternity, freedom, cooperation, solidarity and peace by the institutions of the European Union appeared clearly in occasion of the recently signed treaties with the United Kingdom and Turkey. The mask has fallen and the real nature of the EU has appeared in front of the public.