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Ukrainian police put Vietnamese property out of law

The city of Odessa is widely known for its ethnically mixed population. There is a big Vietnamese group among Odessa residents. They came from South-Eastern Asia and live in Odessa for many years. Most of them concentrated in a district known as “Lotus”. Two days before Ukrainian fiscal police organized unprecedented attack to this community without any law ground or motivated reason. Large group of policemen came especially from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine on May 23.
Around 15:00 about 10 passenger cars and two minibuses with armed men moved on the territory of the residential complex. Later it has become known they are employees of fiscal police from Kiev. To get inside, the security forces have broken the barrier, blocking the entrance to the complex. In addition, they turned the outdoor surveillance cameras in order that they do not record their actions.
After that law enforcement officers began to break without explanation an apartment in a residential complex, bringing out the money and valuables. Doors apartments, they planned to pay a visit, were pre-marked with red crosses. Those who resisted were beaten with batons and tear gas was treated.
Perturbed «Lotus» residents decided to block the road not to give law enforcement agencies to leave the territory of the housing estate. As a result of the confrontation police used tear gas, batons against Vietnamese and even shoot them.

According to some reports the Kiev police stole approximately half a million dollars in Vietnamese’s flats.
Outraged Vietnamese on the same day went to the regional governor with an appeal to save them from the pogroms, and the next day held a mass protest under the walls of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office. They require protection from the President of Ukraine.

It seems that the Vietnamese do not look for the Ukrainian authorities. In this country two years ago there was a right coup, and the new regime is based on the fascist gangs. Discrimination of migrants belonging to a different race, can cause this state indifference, at best. Moreover, the pogrom was organized by police, who work for the state. Therefore, it will not take any measures to protect migrants, whose property was outlawed.

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