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Two years after the massacre, campaigners say: Justice for Odessa!

On the second anniversary of the Odessa massacre, in which dozens of people were killed at the House of Trade Unions by far right nationalists, anti-fascist campaigners in London rallied at the Ukraine embassy to demand justice. The rally was organised by ‘Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine’. According to SARU head, Alex Gordon, “the atrocity that was carried out against the antifascists in Odessa must never be forgotten. We are here because we are commemorating those people and because we are calling for justice for the victims who died in the Trade Union House in Odessa and justice for all the victims of fascism in Ukraine and throughout the world.”

 After the speech, campaigners released black balloons into the air.

The rally was followed in the afternoon by a public meeting at the Marx Memorial Library.

In Odessa itself police did not allow residents to commemorate the victims of the massacre. Some 3000 additional police forces including neo-Nazi Azov regiment were deployed in the city. Snipers were placed on the roofs. The crowds tried to break through the police line to come to the place of the massacre and several people were detained by police.

The Coalition of Mothers of 2 May 2014 has launched a petition calling on “the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to appoint a group of experts to undertake an independent, impartial, objective and credible investigation into the tragedy.” You can sign the petition here.

Two years after the massacre, campaigners say: Justice for Odessa!

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