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The EU and deforestation

by Dmytriy Kovalevich

Since 2014 we have in Ukraine a mass deforestation. The entire forests and parks are being eliminated causing local environmental disasters. However, the logging still was mostly illegal. But now the EU demands from Ukraine to lift the ban on exporting timber/wood as a condition of obtaining the next EU macrofinancial aid (1.2 billion euro) and reminds that this is a term of the Euroassociation agreement, — reports Ukrainian Minister of economic development and trade. http://strana.ua/news/13510-es-dast-vtoroj-i-tretij-transhi-esli-ukraina-snova-razreshit-vyvozit-les.html
Currently, even the polluted radioactive forests of the Chernobyl zone are being cut: “But logging in a postapocalyptic forest would pose a number of health concerns. Trees, like moss, absorb radiation from the subsoil. Also, clear-cutting churns up soil, stirring radioactive dust and accelerating erosion.” — reports NYT. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/24/world/europe/chernobyls-silent-exclusion-zone-except-for-the-logging.html?_r=0
Not to mention the Carpathians which turn into ‘devastated lands’ very quickly since Maidan.
“The total devastation of protected forests in the Carpathians has been underway in recent years.” http://en.censor.net.ua/p375608
«There is a struggle for the checkpoint Tisa [west border], where there is a major flow of smuggled goods. Through this checkpoint the expensive timber is exported from Ukraine, which is illegally logged in the national parks across the Carpathians.”
Meanwhile, despite an official ban to export timber/woods — dozens of trains with illegally logged woods daily cross Ukrainian west border — coming to the EU.
So, the EU demand to lift the ban on exporting timber is just a demand to legalize the practice of grabbing natural resources.

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