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Nazis in Kiev demolished the memorial plaque to Kiev antifascist

Nazis in Kiev demolished the memorial plaque to Kiev antifascist Ukrainian-Jewish fighter Tanya Markus.
She began her antifascist struggle as a «Ukrainian girl» in 1941 when she approached a German military unit to «greet the liberators» and then suddenly tossed a grenade, hidden in a bunch of flowers and killed four soldiers. A German tank started to fire around but was soon hit by a second grenade, thrown by Tanya’s father.
However, some weeks later her father Yossif Markus was identified as Jew and shot in the ravine of Babi Yar, where approximately 100 000 Jews as well as some thousand Romani people, Soviet war prisoners and Resistance fighters were murdered during the German occupation.
Tanya Markus herself could first escape the death.
Tanya was a beautiful 20-year-old and German officers sought her favors, enabling her to trap and shoot more than 20 of these officers, including an SS colonel in charge of hunting down the resistance fighters in the city of Kiev.
After his assassination Hitler personally gave an order to «find the terrorist» and soon the Gestapo suspected Tanya Markus.
She escaped Kiev, but was caught on her way to the partisans while trying to help an injured companion.
Despite five months of the most horrible tortures she did not give her captors any names or information.
On 29 January 1943 Tanya Markus either was shot in Babi Yar or died of tortures in the Gestapo jail of Kiev.

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