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Nazi demonstration in Ukraine

May 20, Nazi demonstration took part in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Some 5 000 of the neo-Nazi storm-troopers of Azov regiment (of Interior Ministry of Ukraine) and other Nazi paramilitaries were marching to the Parliament demanding to resume the civil war and stop peace negotiations with Donbas rebels. They were chanting: ‘Glory to the nation, death to enemies”, “Ukraine is above all”.
The neo-Nazi leader of the Azov regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine and the Azov Civilian Corps has threatened during the Azov-led torch-lit rally in front of the parliament to use force against the parliament and the president if they would consent to elections in separatist-controlled Donbas. Biletsky is also a member of the Ukrainian parliament linked to the People’s Front, which forms the ruling coalition with the Petro Poroshenko Bloc.
Last months Western powers started to push gas, as Nuland expressed, and try to force Ukraine’s implementation of Minsk agreement on Donbas. Ukrainian politicians resist to very idea of any steps in this direction. Under these conditions Azov’s march has special meaning. Look through the facts: 1/ Azov is loyal to Kiev regime, 2/ supporters of Minsk agreement have no majority in the parliament. It looks like anti-Minsk majority in the parliament simulate external threat and pressure from radicals in order to avoid voting and demonstrate convincing pretext for Western rulers of Ukraine.

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