Iraqi Army sweeps through ISIS towns on the Syrian-Iraqi border

Two days ago, the Iraqi Army’s 7th Division – assisted by the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) – officially captured Akashat town and Akashat Airbase after expelling ISIS forces from the far western part of Anbar province.

This in turn has the Iraqi Armed Forces reclaiming some of the Syrian-Iraqi border which was otherwise entirely lost to ISIS in late 2014.

Furthermore, in the past week alone, Iraqi government forces have captured ar-Rutbah town, the Trebil border crossing with Jordan and several hundred kilometers of surrounding desert terrain in the contested Anbar governorate.

Earlier today, Safia al-Souhail, the Iraqi ambassador to Jordan said that the Trebil crossing is to open once any explosives planted by ISIS group extremists in the Anbar border area are cleared.

This border crossing with Jordan is expected to reopen in about two weeks, ending an 11-month closure and enabling the resumption of vital trade and a return of Iraqi refugees.

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