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Belgium | Belgium anti-austerity demo turns violent

On May 24 police have clashed with people protesting in the Belgian capital against the government’s austerity measures for the social and economic sectors.
Belgian police fired water-cannon during clashes with protesters at a huge demonstration in Brussels on Tuesday against the center-right government’s austerity measures.
A group of around 100 masked protesters broke away from the main rally of around 60,000 people and started hurling objects at riot police, prompting officers to drive them back with jets of water.
The demonstration was called by several trade unions under the slogan “Our cup runs over”.
The protesters denounced proposed reforms by Employment Minister Kris Peeters, increasing workers’ flexibility at work, longer careers before pensions kick in and less pay under tougher conditions. The reforms will also allow employers to impose 45-hour work weeks.
“Everybody will be hurt very much by the abandonment of the 38-hour week, the increased recourse to temporary workers, the absence of coordination, the under-financing of (public services) or pensions,” FGTB union official Michel Meyer told Le Soir newspaper.
Tuesday’s rally is set to pave the way for a mass public services rally, a rail strike scheduled for May 31 and general strikes in June, September and October.
Belgian trade unions argue that the center-right free market policies of Prime Minister Charles Michel over the past two years are costing an average family some 100 euros (112 dollars) a month.
Belgium was brought to a standstill back in November 2014 due to a mass anti-austerity protest and the biggest general industrial action in years that grounded flights, shut ports and cut international rail links.
The Belgian government has come under fire for security lapses in terror attacks claimed by the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group in Paris and Brussels.
Last November, gun attacks and bombings killed 130 people in Paris. Later, in March, two men also set off their explosives in the departure hall of the Brussels airport in coordinated blasts that also hit a metro station in the Belgian capital, killing a total of 32 people.

Ukraine | Ukrainian police put Vietnamese property out of law

The city of Odessa is widely known for its ethnically mixed population. There is a big Vietnamese group among Odessa residents. They came from South-Eastern Asia and live in Odessa for many years. Most of them concentrated in a district known as “Lotus”. Two days before Ukrainian fiscal police organized unprecedented attack to this community without any law ground or motivated reason. Large group of policemen came especially from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine on May 23.
Around 15:00 about 10 passenger cars and two minibuses with armed men moved on the territory of the residential complex. Later it has become known they are employees of fiscal police from Kiev. To get inside, the security forces have broken the barrier, blocking the entrance to the complex. In addition, they turned the outdoor surveillance cameras in order that they do not record their actions.
After that law enforcement officers began to break without explanation an apartment in a residential complex, bringing out the money and valuables. Doors apartments, they planned to pay a visit, were pre-marked with red crosses. Those who resisted were beaten with batons and tear gas was treated.
Perturbed “Lotus” residents decided to block the road not to give law enforcement agencies to leave the territory of the housing estate. As a result of the confrontation police used tear gas, batons against Vietnamese and even shoot them.

France | A Fos Scènes de guerre contre les grévistes

Ce qui se passe à Fos est d’une extrême gravité et exige une riposte de tous.

Manuel Valls avait menacé et il est allé jusqu’au bout de la folle provocation de ce gouvernement, du 49.3 on est passé à de grands classiques, du type  Jules Moch faisant tirer sur les mineurs en grève en 1948 (1)