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Yesterday Ukrainian fascists attacked a peaceful memorial meeting in Odessa

Activists and relatives of Odessa citizens burned in the House of Trade Unions on May 2, 2014 regularly hold memorial meetings every month at Kulikovo field, a square near Trade union building. This is the only legal place of public protest in all Ukraine now. But these memorial actions are attacked very often from those who are responsible for unprecedented crime made on May 2014. Yesterday Ukrainian fascists were especially active. Their victims wrote a public appeal to police and described were what is happened. Here is its translation.


April 2, 2016 a meeting was held in memory of residents of Odessa killed in 2014. Despite the memorial nature of the event, a several dozen of aggressive young people arrived once again to the place of the rally.
In their typical traditional manner, they shouted insults at the peaceful rally, which was attended by the mothers and friends of the killed Odessa citizens, provoked a quarrel and otherwise displayed a disdain for the protesters. Their leader, known as Mark Gordienko, pulled up right next to the police cordon [dividing protestors from fascists] on a powerful motorcycle. At the time when the moment of silence was announcement, he turned on the engine and deliberately pressed the gas, creating an unbearable noise.
Unfortunately, the law enforcers’ cordon behaved inertly. The police did not have halted the action of unbelted thugs, as usual. This had its consequences.


Taking advantage of impunity, the members of the self-proclaimed and illegal power groups made a number of overt violations after the meeting.
In the first place, they cut with a knife car camera and scratched with a nail the bonnet of a rally participant’s car parked near Kulikovo field. The owner had to call a tow truck. He had suffered significant material damage.


Secondly, at the exit from the Kulikovo Field the protesters were attacked by unidentified persons, who beat one of the participants and started throwing eggs women.


Not having any success, the attackers left the scene. Then they came back again and tried to repeat the attack. At the same time promise of police, which was going to be on duty at the tram stop, has not been fulfilled – there were no law enforcement. Finally, the car of the attackers was found at Zhukovskogo street, where the driver and passengers of the jeep came into confrontation with police representatives. It’s natural, because they have repeatedly committed various unlawful acts and have never been punished for it.




It happened in this case too – as we have learned, all the attackers were released safely from the Primorsky Police Department.
The real crime occurred on the Kulikovo field. When people after the rally began to clean up the flowers scattered by hooligans, one of the volunteers saw the candle in a church lamp. He decided to light a candle in memory of those Odessa citizens who died on May 2. As a result a huge explosion followed, which caused serious damage to Alexander. He inflicted lacerations of soft parts of the palm, two broken fingers, a large blood loss (photo attached). He underwent surgery at Jewish Hospital, the consequences of which are unpredictable.


Video cameras at the Kulikovo field are not working, but we know that video cameras are switched on at the Trade Unions House. We hope that this time law enforcement officers will give a clear answer by looking at the video: Who planted the candle?

It is obvious that the “authors” of the provocations disguised in the church lamp at least firecracker, in the hope that there is someone who wants to take a share of memory, and set fire to the wick of a candle. This calculation is fully justified, and as a result innocent man seriously hurt.

In our statement, we do not even ask questions. We note that the inaction of law enforcement officers in relation to the uncontrolled hooligans who brazenly and cynically cover their activities fashionable nationalist ideology, but in fact not lift a finger for the sake of the Ukrainian state, led to the shedding of blood.

Unfortunately, our experience shows that little shedding of blood is not enough for these thugs. They will not stop.
The responsibility for subsequent events rests with the law enforcement agencies, whose inaction has led to disastrous consequences previously.

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